For individuals that are currently in high-school

This course helps you understand the importance of training your mind for success. Many people are defeated before they start because they are mentally defeated.

The goal is to learn practical tips and techniques to guide your mind towards the right mindset.

This course provides an overview of mentors. How mentors can help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges. How would you go about finding a mentor.

The goal is to review the videos and respond to questions about what kind of mentor you would like.

Welcome to the "Study Skills Mastery" course, a comprehensive program designed to equip you with effective study techniques and learning strategies. In this module, you will dive into essential topics such as note-taking, reading assignments, memory enhancement, planning and organization, focus and concentration, studying for exams, managing test anxiety, tackling papers and essays, and a final exercise to consolidate your skills.

This course is a series of success stories to help individuals overcome challenges to completing their high school education. 

The goal is to watch the video and answer a few short questions that allows the student to share their experiences and ways they can overcome such challenges.

This course provides a summary of excellent ways to perform better in various areas. 

The goal is to review the material and respond to questions that allow you to share how you could implement the tips.

Graduation time is approaching! What will you Do Next?