For individuals that preparing to graduate from high-school.

Navigating the College Application Process

Course Description: This course is designed to guide high school students through the complex and often intimidating college application process. By utilizing two key video resources, students will gain practical insights into both the broader aspects of applying to college and the specific use of the Common App system. The course is divided into two main modules, each focusing on essential components of the college application journey. Hands-on activities, reflections, and interactive tasks will empower students to take control of their college applications, make informed decisions, and prepare for a successful transition to higher education.

Module 1: College Application Roadmap

  • Video Resource:
  • Activity: Creating a personalized college application roadmap, including researching colleges, outlining a timeline, drafting a personal statement, exploring financial options, and reflecting on the process.
  • Objective: Understand the holistic college application process and create a personalized plan.

Module 2: Common App Exploration and Practice

  • Video Resource:
  • Activity: Navigating the Common App system, including creating an account, searching for colleges, understanding fee waivers, drafting a personal essay, and reflecting on the experience.
  • Objective: Familiarize with the Common App system and practice key components of the application.

Course Goals:

  • Equip students with the knowledge and tools to navigate the college application process with confidence.
  • Provide hands-on experience with the Common App system.
  • Foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-reflection skills.
  • Encourage personalized planning and goal-setting for college admissions.
  • Support students in crafting compelling personal essays and understanding financial options.

Materials Needed:

  • Access to both video resources.
  • Internet access for research and exploration of the Common App website.
  • Notebook or digital document for organizing research, drafting essays, and reflections.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Completion of activities and reflections in both modules.
  • Participation in class discussions and peer feedback sessions (if applicable).
  • Submission of personalized college application roadmap and Common App practice application.

Target Audience: High school students preparing for college applications, particularly those who may be navigating the process for the first time or seeking guidance and support.

Duration: The course can be completed in a flexible timeframe, with suggested 1-2 weeks for each module, depending on the depth of exploration and additional support provided.